P3 Petroleum P3 Petroleum

Why we are unique.

P3 Petroleum focuses on value creation through utilizing horizontal, multi-stage completion technology, supplemented by strategic acquisitions. Our purpose is to create long-term shareholder value through acquiring the right assets, developing these assets to full potential and marketing our natural resources.

Our strategy of "Buy, Shine, Sell" has been proven time and again by our highly skilled team of industry experts, who bring over 250 years of oil and gas experience. P3 Petroleum uses low risk, low cost techniques to:

Our Strategy

The P3 team is competitively distinct and time tested in delivery of 4x-6x returns driven 2/3rds by our experienced exploitation & operational value growth and 1/3 by commodity price improvement at exit. 

P3 Petroleum is completely self-funded, demonstrating our commitment, confidence and capability. We hold no debt and are dedicated to the simple concept of taking advantage of this 5th major down cycle in commodities, pursuing distressed company assets at bargain transaction prices through the leverage of our competitive advantages.